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Content Creation Checklist for Gender Equal Ads

Tools and Resources

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Advertising shapes our beliefs and attitudes. Sexist advertising contributes to a culture of violence against women. But diverse and realistic representations of women, girls and gender diverse people can help change that culture. These guidelines aim to help you embed gender equality, diversity and inclusivity in all kinds of content creation, from advertisements for large brands to internal comms documents.

This checklist has been adapted from the Gender Equality in Advertising and Communications Guidelines: A Guide
for Local Government, developed in partnership with The City of Melbourne. The full guide contains further information on addressing
resistance to change and helpful links for people working in advertising, in or outside of local government.

How to apply this checklist

This checklist can support anyone involved in creating advertising or communications content, including those working in communications, marketing, advertising and media. These guidelines are a great reference point for individuals or teams to prioritise gender equality and continually check in to see if every piece of work produced thoroughly considers the gendered impacts.

The checklist is interactive and can be used at the beginning, middle and end stage of production of any communications piece to ensure gender equality standards are being met.

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