At shEqual we believe that building capacity through training is crucial to driving positive change in advertising and advertising workplaces 

Women’s Health Victoria is launching two new gender equality online courses from shEqual with a focus on the advertising industry. These short, accessible and interactive courses and are a great introduction to why advertising plays an important role in creating a gender equal world, the impact of sexist advertising and how advertisers can make a change. 

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Gender Equality in Advertising 


This short course will help you to understand the impact of gender inequality in advertising, the benefits of authentically portraying women, men and gender diverse people in advertising and how this can be realised.

By enrolling in this course, you will gain an increased understanding of sexism in advertising, its impact on gender inequality, and how to take action to reduce sexist content. You will be introduced to valuable tools and resources for creating inclusive advertising.

This course is suitable for a diverse audience, including advertising professionals like executives, creatives, strategists, account managers, and brand managers, as well as students studying related fields such as advertising, media, and marketing. It is also beneficial for individuals working to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women, as well as consumers of advertising. This self-paced course is fully interactive and comprises three modules, taking 30-45 minutes to complete. No prerequisite knowledge is required, just a genuine interest in understanding the importance of gender equality in society.

Join us on this journey toward a more inclusive advertising landscape.


Gender Equality in Advertising Workplaces 


This course is designed to build your understanding of the key concepts around gender inequality and its impact in advertising workplaces. It explores gender inequality, unconscious bias, and barriers and resistance to change, as well as tools and strategies to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Upon completion, you will gain an increased understanding of the case for gender equality, uncover the barriers hindering progress such as unconscious bias and the merit myth, and acquire invaluable tools and strategies to promote gender equality in your workplace.

This course is specifically designed for senior leadership, managers, and human resource staff within the advertising industry who are eager to lead change and drive gender equity. It is also open to anyone passionate about fostering a more inclusive advertising workplace. The interactive, self-paced course takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Embrace the advantages of gender equality, from enhanced productivity and innovation to improved workplace conditions, empowering all employees to fulfill their career aspirations.

Join us on this journey towards a more equitable and thriving workforce.

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For those looking for more training, Women’s Health Victoria also offers online and in-person courses that provide a more comprehensive understanding of gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. Visit our training website to see the full suite of training available to support your ongoing learning and professional development.

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