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Gender Equality in Advertising & Communications Guidelines

Tools and Resources

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Gender Equality Advertising and Communications Guidelines

Partnering with the City of Melbourne and developed with people from across local government areas in Victoria, we have written these guidelines for communications and marketing staff across
council departments.

These guidelines have been written for communications and marketing staff as well as individual staff members across council departments, but this is an important foundational guide for anyone wanting to improve the gender equality of their marketing or communications, making this a great resource for people working in the advertising industry.

With six principles and practical tips to implement in local government procedures, this document will ensure you achieve gender equality in every aspect of your marketing, communications and advertising campaigns:

1.Show people of all genders with equal value, status and respect.

2. Avoid objectifying women and don’t depict male dominance or disrespect towards women.

3. Make sure your content creation teams are diverse or have had diversity training.

4. Build gender equality into your policies and practices.

5. Avoid gender stereotypes that are harmful, limit choices and perpetuate false assumptions about people.

6.Create progressive portrayals of all people.


Each principle is accompanied by a checklist to help you focus on every aspect of your campaign.

Read the full guide here.