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Podcast Launch: “Make it shEqual: Empowering Advertising to Get Equal” 

An insightful five-episode podcast series highlighting the importance of authentic representation in Australian advertising.

Listen to the podcast here

shEqual and Women’s Health Victoria, are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of their compelling podcast series, “Make it shEqual: Empowering Advertising to Get Equal.” Based on ground-breaking research conducted by Kantar (commissioned by Women’s Health Victoria), the podcast aims to shed light on the significance of progressive, genuine, and authentic advertising that resonates with audiences and drives commercial success.

The five-episode limited series, hosted by the accomplished Sarah Davidson (@spoonful_of_sarah), former lawyer, entrepreneur, author, and host of the popular podcast “Seize the Yay,” delves into the world of advertising and its transformative potential. Through in-depth conversations with industry experts, brand leaders, and cultural influencers, the podcast explores the journey toward authentic representation and its profound impact on audiences and brands alike.

Key messages of the podcast include the call for authentic, genuine, and equal representation in advertisements that mirror the diverse realities of Australian consumers. Listeners will be taken on a thought-provoking journey through conversations that challenge the status quo and emphasise the power of advertising to shape culture and contribute to social progress.

Lauren Zappa, Manager of Gender Equality and Capacity Building at Women’s Health Victoria, highlighted the podcast’s significance, stating, “The ‘Make it shEqual’ podcast series bridges the gap between industry insights and societal change. It’s a powerful platform that advocates for authentic representation in advertising, fostering inclusivity, understanding, and connection.”

These quotes from podcast episodes offer a glimpse into the series’ content:

  • “Advertising is very much inspired by culture but very much contributes to it as well and can perpetuate parts of culture in good and bad ways.“ – Phoebe Sloane, Senior Copywriter, Clemenger BBDO
  • “There’s a huge dividend to be reaped if brands actually go ahead and invest in inclusion and diversity and representation” – Irene Joshy, Regional Creative Head, Kantar Insights APAC & Australia
  • “You don’t have to get it 100% right but it’s important that we are having the conversations and at least moving forward.” – Alex Piercy, National Marketing Manager, Coles
  • “What we want to do is make sure that advertising and any sort of visual representation is really reflecting the diversity of the Australian community as it is today. We want everyone to be able to see themselves and see what’s possible for them.” – Emily Mcguire, CEO, Respect Victoria
  • “I have an opportunity to be an ally, but also have an opportunity to put things in place as a business owner to try and buck the status quo”, Dalton Henshaw, Founder & CEO, Bullfrog Media
  • “I love the opportunity to be able to speak to women who have just never been spoken to.” – Hilary Holmes, Founder, Holmes Beauty
  • “The change is happening now and it’s exciting to be part of that.” – Rosie Chong, Personal Branding Consultant

The “Make it shEqual” podcast seeks to inspire change and amplify the voices of those pushing for genuine and inclusive advertising. Industry professionals, brands, and consumers are invited to engage in this enlightening series, fostering dialogue and transformation within the advertising realm.

The “Make it shEqual” podcast series premiered on August 22, 2023, with all episodes available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

The research that underpins this research by Kantar and Women’s Health Victoria, is available to read here: Representing Real People in Ads: How to develop progressive, genuine and authentic advertising with a strong commercial impact.