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Advertising (In)Equality: The impacts of sexist advertising on women’s health and wellbeing

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Our everyday lives are saturated with advertisements, which consciously and unconsciously shape our belief, values, attitudes and behaviours. The continued use of gender stereotypes and increasing reliance on images that sexualise and objectify women in advertisements, continues to undermine efforts to promote gender equality in our society.

The Advertising (in)equality paper investigates the link between advertising and gender inequality. It sheds light on the nature of gender portrayals in advertising, and the impacts these representations have on women’s health and wellbeing.

The good news is, there is a clear business case for change. Brands, businesses and creative agencies can benefit from portraying both women and men proportionately, respectfully and realistically. This paper found, marketing representations that challenge gender stereotypes appear to be positively received, and advertisements that portray women respectfully and accurately increases purchase intent.

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