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SH!FT Female Stereotypes in Advertising: shEqual’s guide to identifying and challenging gender stereotypes in ads

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There is a lot of talk about gender stereotypes, and most of us agree they should be avoided. But brands and agencies tell shEqual they still have questions. This ‘how to’ guide unpacks the what, why, when, and how of gender stereotypes to help brands and agencies push past them and build characters that are authentic and representative of the audiences advertised to.

Created with the shEqual reference group, this guide breaks down the seven common female stereotypes seen in ads today: The Model Mother, The Passive Little Girl, The Observed Woman, The Sexualised Woman, The Pretty Face, The Magical Grandmother and The Ticked Box — plus we look at who’s missing from ads altogether.

Designed to start conversations and create change in the advertising industry. Download below to learn more and share with your workplace to take steps towards equality in advertising.


Download the Female Stereotypes in Advertising Guide here