Sexist advertising contributes to a culture of violence against women. 

But more realistic and respectful portrayals of women and girls can help bring that culture to an end.

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We are shEqual,
a movement for
advertising equality.

Advertising is powerful and persuasive. It sells us messages about what is desirable, who is valuable, and how we should treat one another.

shEqual is an Australian movement to use that power for good.

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Get real.

Unrealistic portrayals of women and girls are not only limiting – they’re dangerous.

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Get equal.

Equality in advertising drives equality in society. And it’s good for business.

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Get involved.

Whether you create, commission or consume advertising, you can help drive change.

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We are change makers

shEqual is harnessing the momentum for change within industry and community to transform advertising in Australia.

Our national strategic framework for championing gender equality in advertising, Seeing is Believing, provides a blueprint for long-term change.

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